Additional Resources

1. Community Discussion Guides

The community discussion guides are all about your community. These three powerful and interconnected study guides are written to have you and a group reading and learning from the Word of God together. Whether it’s your Missional Community or a group of friends or your family, come together, share a meal, and use these three discussion guides to be centered around Jesus and His coming.

Access all three weeks of community discussion guides here.

2. 40 Days of Prayer

From November 27 through January 5, the 40 Days of Prayer are designed to guide you through praying for both people groups around the world and goers we’ve sent to serve the nations from our church.

Each of the 25 days of the Advent Personal Devotional on this site includes the prayer guides corresponding with that day. We’ve also provided a different fun and engaging way to keep the prayer guides in front of you with a paper prayer chain you can download here. Print it, cut out the links, and grow your chain each day after you pray. The files are formatted so you can print odd days and even days on different colored paper.

To access all 40 days, download The Austin Stone app on iOS or Android.

3. Ornament Book

This ornament book is to be used in conjunction with The Austin Stone Advent Family Devotional. As you read the Bible story each day, invite your child(ren) to color the corresponding ornament picture. They can either color while you read or afterward.

Once the picture has been colored, cut out the ornament and display it however works best in your home—on your family Christmas tree, on a separate tree, along a piece of twine, around a doorway, etc. As the number of pictures displayed in your home grows, we pray that your family’s joy in celebrating the birth of Christ will grow as well.

You can access the Ornament Book here.